Work Environment
At Micro Organics, we have always known that our greatest and biggest asset is our people. At Micro Organics, we believe that we can make a difference to the quality of life for millions and this responsibility has to be shared by each and every one in the organisation. In today’s competitive Market, if we expect people's continued energy and commitment, the work environment must be such that it makes the employee feel positive and enthusiastic about what they are doing. The work culture must give employees a clear purpose and build confidence in their ability to meet the challenges. This means providing inspiring and effective leadership, open lines of communication, excellent learning and development opportunities, a safe and energising workplace, competitive reward and benefits, and a culture of equal opportunity in which individual success depends solely on personal merit and performance. We also encourage and support a healthy work/life balance which we know is essential to the continued wellbeing of our employees. Our work environment has always been based on a performance-oriented culture that offers an open learning environment, stimulates collaboration, sharing of ideas and builds strong personal and professional bonds among peers. We also encourage our employees to work as a team, respect one another and welcome constructive criticism.
Employee Training & Development

Well-trained employees are the key to any business success. At Micro Organics we hire the best people and then we help them get even better. All new joiners undergo an induction program that comprises of classroom, and sales insights combined with on-the-job training. As a part of the induction program, we make them familiar with Micro Organics business operations, our culture and how we manage our work.. We offer regular training hours and make constant investments in our employees development to keep them at the top of their abilities. We tailor our training programs are tailored according to individual needs and the courses people take depend on their skills, experience and areas of interest.. We use a well-managed combination of courses, practical experience and feedback to enable our people to develop specialist skills which help them grow. We encourage submission of CVs/Resumes in response to open positions.

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